Set the weather location in Conky (PicarOS)

To set the weather location, we'll go and look for our city code here: http://weather.noaa.gov/, in case it doesn't appear select the nearest (search for Australia / Melbourne) http://weather.noaa.gov/weather/current/YMML.html

Now we have to change the conky configuration file:
Menu -> Accessories -> Lxterminal

pluma .conkyrc


nano .conkyrc

on line

${font Caviar Dreams:size=12}${color FFFFFF}${alignr}${weather http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/observations/metar/stations/ LEPP temperature temperature 30} °C${font}

we put

${font Caviar Dreams:size=12}${color FFFFFF}${alignr}${weather http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/observations/metar/stations/ YMML temperature temperature 30} °C${font}

If we want to change the temperature unit from °C to °F, at the beginning of the file we have to change

temperature_unit celsius


temperature_unit fahrenheit

and in line (the same above)

${font Caviar Dreams:size=12}${color FFFFFF}${alignr}${weather http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/observations/metar/stations/ YMML temperature temperature 30} °F${font}

we'll change

°C$ {font} for °F${font}

Here you can see how to do it in this video: http://youtu.be/Uldw1SNFfag


To make/build my own ISO

How to build my own customized ISO

IMPORTANT NOTE: Change after publication of the 2.1_RC

When you have installed and configurated MiniNo as you like it (colors, appearance, background, new packages or programs, etc...)

Run in a terminal:

sudo makelive

When finished, go to /home/remastersys/remastersys and there you will have "minino.iso" and its md5 sum.


Acer Aspire One card reader (5 in 1)

In a netbook Acer Aspire One, right card reader doesn't work properly. To solve this problem we need to edit the GRUB2 bootloader.

Open a terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and write:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub


Search for the line:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" #"noapic nolapic"


and change the line:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="pciehp.pciehp_force=1" #"noapic nolapic"


Save and quit: ctrl+o and ctrl+x

And run

sudo update-grub


In the next reboot your flash cards will be automounted properly.


My computer has no CD, how to make a USB installaller.

See a HowTo (in English) on the galpon.org wiki

Don't use Unetbootin because it creates its own boot menu and it is not compatible with GALPon MiniNo boot options.


Configuring a Spanish keyboard to produce the Portuguese ã and õ (n-tilde), without losing the ñ.

See the Spanish version of this page.

Multimedia keys do not work


We have focused on a configuration which will be 'universal' for ordinary users; for special cases we suggest that you look at tutorials such as:


Problems with the use of Flash


Installing Chromium and Flash does not display anything.

The latest versions of Flash require the computer graphics (specifically the GPU) to use graphics acceleration. Since most older computers do not have this feature, we have decided to use version 10 of flashplayer, which works correctly on older computers without acceleration as well as on modern computers with it, in the Midori and Iceweasel browsers. However, Chromium needs the latest version of Flash.
Reinstall, with synaptic, the package 'flashplugin-nonfree.'
If you prefer, use a terminal to issue the instruction:
sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree
If, after reinstalling the Flash plugin, you cannot play Flash videos, that may mean that you computer is not compatible with this browser, for the reason indicated at the beginning..


LibreOffice and GIMP user interfaces


To integrate the user interfaces of LibreOffice and GIMP, which are different from the rest of the applications.
  • With LibreOffice, in Tools → Options → View, choose the icon theme Crystal and it will apply the same theme as you have in the rest of your applications.
  • With GIMP we cannot suggest any configuration :-(
The DPixel theme can produce something much closer to the Minino theme 

Operantion of this FAQ

Fo now we are including all the relevant questions that we envisage users might ask, along with the forum topics that we think will be of general interest. If you have a problem and find a solution that you think would be of general interest, start a thread in a forum and we will include it here.