• Picar SOS -Tutorial 10

    This video describes how a small little program that we added to PicarOS who helps us create chips puzzles to work the math works.

  • PicarOS -Tutorial 9

    This video explains how to make some adjustments to PicarOS 2014 to adjust as much as possible the use of RAM. With these changes, a complete desktop is achieved by only 70Mb RAM

  • Picar SOS -Tutorial 8

    A small application to show videotutorials of the applications included in PicarOS.

  • PicarOS - Tutorial 7

    Installing programs and Tricks

  • PicarOS - Tutorial 6

    In this video we show how to add applets or widgets to PicarOS

  • PicarOS - Tutorial 5

    This time we tried the different ways to install the system.

  • PicarOS - Tutorial 4

    Tools tutorials and presentations in the classroom:

    Kazam, Screenkey, Key-mon, Pintapantalla, webcam4presentations, Magnifying glass, etc...

  • PicarOS - Tutorial 3

    Enable compiz effects and basic use of some plugins presets.

  • PicarOS - Tutorial 2

    Change wallpaper. Create a slideshow as wallpaper to change automatically.

  • PicarOS - Tutorial 1

    Desktop environment. Basic usage of launchers.