[inglés] cannot install minino artabros 2.1 from live usb

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[inglés] cannot install minino artabros 2.1 from live usb

hello everybody, please excuse me for writing this in english; i do not understand spanish language.
i need your help regarding minino artabros 2.1 installation problem.

here is my configuration :
distro : galpon minino artabros 2.1
installation medium : usb flash disk
computer : toshiba NB250 netbook
cpu : intel atom
ram : 2 gbytes
gpu : intel graphics
hdd : 160 gbytes
dvd-drive : not available

i was about to install artabros 2.1 to the netbook that does not have a dvd or cdrom drive, so i boot minino artabros live usb.

when choosing where to install grub, minino recognize the usb flash disk as /dev/sda, and netbook's hard drive as /dev/sdb, and then installing grub to MBR makes the netbook unbootable after installation finished.

i also tried correcting installation of grub to /dev/sdb1 (root partition on netbook's hard drive), but the result was the same; the netbook becomes unbootable (boot-looping after BIOS screen).

any help is appreciated, thank you.

-les kompie