PicarOS (2017) New Version

Mon, 01/05/2017 - 13:29 -- mbouzada

This new version presents the following novelties:

Some package updates:
- Firefox
- Chrome
- Xorg
- Firmware
- Openshot
- Freetux
- Kataluga
- Katalekto
- Gparted
- Kiwix
- FetTimetable
- Scratch2
- Opensankoré
- Vue
- Gdisk, mtools, live-boot, udev, etc...
- We continue without systemd

New added programs:
- Kernel 4.6.1 32bit (without PAE) y 64bit (with PAE) and we keep 3.10 version too, in case someone misses it.
- Kdenlive (advanced video editor)
- Huayra Caripela (to create avatars easily)
- Huayra Compartir (to share files in LAN)
- Timer clock with music.
- Foto puzzle (to create a puzzle from an image)
- Anagramarama (a words play)
- Huayra Stopmotion
- LenMus (music course)
- OggBikoiztu (simple program to create dubbing)
- Bingoedu (program to create bingos and play in the IWB)
- Picapalabra (program that simulates the spain famous TV game)
- Drivers for the Wacom tablets
- Image collector
- Impressive! (quickly PDF presenter)
- A PDF compressor
- X2goclient/server to reuse really old equipment as terminals
- Identinet, easy change of your name on the local network
- Schedule Tasks (ej. to turn off the computer at some time)
- Program that deletes identical files from a folder with millions of files and subfolders.
- Recover deleted files on even formatted cards, pendrives or hard disks.

Fixes and adjustments in several programas:
- Copy to the clipboard a screenshot
- Image converter
- Freetux, added Spanish national channels
- Undo the incompatibility between Openshot and Kdenlive
- Youtube downloader
- P2P Filetea
- Fit Opensankoré to support a document viewer webcam  and to configure to not have problems with imports/exports.
- Adjustment in computer room script
- Set in Java to open properly from Firefox
- Increased size of Alea
- Added Ublock as the default addblocker in Firefox
- New Desktop Styles added in Minino Utilities for tablets/IWB ready for handling with fingers, a "serious" MATE desktop, etc...

This publication is part of the activities performed under GALPON collaboration agreement signed with Galician Agency Technological Modernization (Axencia para a Modernización Tecnolóxica de Galicia, AMTEGA), and included in the Action Plan 2014 Free Software of Galicia Goverment (Plan de Acción de Software Libre 2017 da Xunta de Galicia).