• PicarOS Diego 2014 released

    Once again we have prepared for you a new PicarOS version with features that will please everyone. This year we have focused on making life a little more comfortable for our colleagues K12 teachers, in addition to adjusting programs to this level and prepare them for using in the classroom or at home. Most of this document  is still updated except the things that we will describe here:

    • We have prepared some extremely easy scripts (Menu -> Minino Tools -> Computer room) used to install PicarOS in a computer room. They configure the network (computer name, give a static IP, Internet), Epoptes (to control all PCs in the class), a shared folder (samba) and setting up a program that synchronizes all the classroom with a pair of clicks, and no system administration knowledge is needed for do this.
    • New desktop environment  (Menu -> Minino Tools -> Desktop Style) designed specifically for interactive whiteboards.
    • PintaScreen, a program that will help us in the use of IWBs.
    • Vigilia, a program that measures the volume of audio in our classroom through a sympathetic traffic light.
    • WiimoteWhiteBoard a script that helps configure the Wiimote to quickly create a low cost interactive whiteboard.
    • Added a virtual keyboard for use from the PDI.
    • A convenient mini-launcher to quickly find files on the system, youtube videos, words in the dictionary or translations into different languages.
    • Added also Easystroke, with which you can launch other programs simply by making gestures on the PDI.
    • Added MiniScreen from our colleages in Lliurex distribution, we have set to work on PicarOS.
    • In the graphics section we've added an image converter to convert batch files png, jpeg, gif, pdf or svg. And we replaced Gpaint with Pinta, it was too basic and Pinta is more complete and useful without reaching the complexity of Gimp.
    • A program to enable children to make transparent background graphic files in order to use them in other programs like Scratch.
    • In the field of children's developing, we have upgraded Scratch to version 2.0. and added several programs like the Lightbot games and a launcher that points to CodeStudio, where children can be introduced into the world of programming without knowing how to read.
    • As for the games, we have added some new ones, like Mango Paola, to learn to play chess, Mobius (a whale defends fishermen), Pillows or Pysiogame. We have also added all the extra steps that were in NumpthyPhisics website and we have created a complete typing course from scratch customizing TuxType (only for spanish speakers for the moment).
    • In the Internet category, we have included a couple of links to to quickly share anything with anyone, and another, with which you can make a videoconferencing in seconds without installations, registry or problems.
    • In the area of ​​sound, an English teachers request, Clementine player, because it can get the lyrics easily. We have also added new programs like Protrekkr (to create electronic music) and ScoreDate (for ear training and reading scores).
    • In the category of videos we've added a script to download any video, playlist or full Youtube channel and another to get the subtitles of YouTube videos.
    • LibreOffice updated to version 4.3.1 and after finding that even children in the first courses haven't problems using it, we have removed Abiword.
    • Also in the office section, we have added a script that merge separate documents (ODP, ODT or PDF).
    • Other new programs enter in the scene as "Escaleta" a program that helps control the sound effects of a play. Palabrotas, a simple program to create a presentation of words that highlight or animate the letters you want (to work the spelling).
    • Katamotz, exercises to work reading and dyslexia.
    • Added a new physical simulation program called Physion and removed Step.
    • Installed new fonts, like OpenDislexic, designed for easy reading for people with dyslexia.
    • A program to "freeze" the desktop and prevent modifications by the user.
    • Firefox and Chrome updated to their latest versions (October 1). For its utility in the classroom, we keep the Adblock, DownloadHelper and Screegrab complements. But we also add Pipelight to use the famous Tagxedo application programmed unfortunetely in Silverlight.
    • Indicator Calendar is also installed, it is a frontend for Google Calendar.
    • Many bugs fixed, many updated packages, and several new translations done.

    Click here to go to the download page

  • Minino Artabros 2.1 final publication

    After RC testing made by you, we are pleased to publish the two versions of the new minino artabros 2.1. You can see the differences between them here.

    While you testing the RC, we made some settings and now we can boast that now it only need 53Mb RAM to access to the desktop. We run Midori and we started to play a Youtube video of 48 minutes (see the attached image) and it needed 164Mb, of which 135 were of Midori and 12Mb of Task Manager.


    I anticipate that we are already testing for future Minino 3.0 based on Debian Jessie and we are very satisfied with the results obtained. We hope to publish the first beta for the month of November.

    This publication is part of the activities performed under GALPON collaboration agreement signed with Galician Agency Technological Modernization (Axencia para a Modernización Tecnolóxica de Galicia, AMTEGA), and included in the Action Plan 2014 Free Software of Galicia Goverment (Plan de Acción de Software Libre 2014 da Xunta de Galicia).

  • IV minino-devconf guests yearbook

    By using the Yearbook Creator developed for PicarOS by Julio Sánchez, we made a yearbook for the guests. :-)

  • Published the MiniNo Artabros 2.1 RC (release candidate)

    Coinciding with the celebration of the meeting of GALPon MiniNo developers in the IV minino-devconf, we report the new version release MiniNo Ártabros 2.1 RC. You can download it from our download page.

    You can see all the details on the specific page of information

    Note that, after final adjustements, we got tos reduce RAM consumption (in a clean installation and once the desktop is displayed) to 65 MB, the previous need 74Mb, it is a reduction of more than 12%.

    This publication is part of the activities performed under GALPON collaboration agreement signed with Galician Agency Technological Modernization (Axencia para a Modernización Tecnolóxica de Galicia, AMTEGA), and included in the Action Plan 2014 Free Software of Galicia Goverment (Plan de Acción de Software Libre 2014 da Xunta de Galicia).

  • MiniNo Artabros virtualbox Ova Image

    The OSL-CIXUG maintains a MiniNo Artabros Virtualbox Ova image in the ftp:

  • Donation of computers with MiniNo to Teixeiro prison

    The OSL assisted in the preparation of equipment, including deletion of information tasks on hard drives, work done using the Darik’s Boot and Nuke, used by Gruvi GRUVI in the University of Vigo too. Tests were also made with different distributions of GNU/Linux, but due to hardware equipment features (Pentium 4 with 512 Mb of RAM), the one with the best results was Minino Ártabros 2.0 distribution, maintained by Galpon  association.

    More info in OSL-CIXUG website.

  • Do you want to update GALPon MiniNo v-2.0 Artabros?

    To make a "full" update follow these steps:

    Download the script

    and run according to the instructions are in the file itself:


    Remove the old repository ""
    Add backports repositories
    Install themes Mate
    Change the theme "Reverse"
       Note: changing the script can apply the theme "TraditionalGreen" or "Mint"
    Change the wallpaper
    Correct compression/decompression of files to "engrampa"
    Install LibreOffice (currently the v
    Install themes "flat" for LibreOffice
    Install Pidgin IM
    Update GnuTLS library
    Update the libssl library
    Update APT system
    Iceweasel upgrade to the latest version (currently v29)
    Remove Abiword
    Remove Gnumeric
    Remove the MI Ayttm
    Change screen log-out/turn-off
    Modify settings Tor
    Update the whole system v7.5 (July 12, 2014)

  • New Alguadaira version review

    We have just published a review of our oldest distro "Alguadaira".
    In this review we ensure potential security problems, updated repositories and add Xorg setup ​​for the Sony Vaio PGC-C1 XD with graphic card NeoMagic 1280x480 px.
    This review comes with the number of version 1.2.3 and is only available for the i486 architecture (so it will also work on i686)

  • Screenshots from the preview minino4RPi

    We attach some pictures of screenshots from the preview minino4RPi.

  • PicarOS downloads

    We have reached over 1,000 downloads of PicarOS Diego version.

    Thank to all for your interest.